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15 OCT 1945    -   Bessemer, AL   -    23 SEP 1968


WO1 Gerald Alan Cahela, SSG Jack Sizemore, Sr. and Chief Engineer PFC John Michael White were killed in a helicopter crash on 23 Sep 1968, approximately four miles southeast of Camp Holloway, near Pleiku, RVN.


For the official Army report

on the crash

Click Here

(courtesy of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assn.)




16 DEC 1937    -   Booneville, NC   -    23 SEP 1968


25 JUN 1948    -   Independence, MO   -    23 SEP 1968


SSG Ignacio E. Rios was killed by fratricide on 20 Oct 1968. His murder was never solved ...

but some coward must live
with what he did.


18 AUG 1935    -   El Paso, TX    -   20 OCT 1968


SP5 Johnell Witherspoon

died on 4 Nov 1970

of non-hostile causes. 


26 NOV 1941    -   Archer, FL   -    4 NOV 1970


On May 30, 1970, two of our civilian Dynalectron employees, Charles 'Tex' Duke and Kit Mark, went for a motorcycle ride to the north of Pleiku. They were celebrating Tex's last day in-country; he was to go home the next day. They never returned and are still missing. Opinions are starkly divided as to what happened to them. They are believed to have happened upon a rocket launch site and attacked by either VC or NVA. The result of the attack remains unknown. One side believes they were killed on the spot; the other believes they were taken prisoner. If the former, their bodies were never recovered. If the later, they were not repatriated after the war. May God bless them, whatever their fate.

For more information, Google either's name; you can read the arguments and decide for yourself.


Charles 'Tex' Duke


Wall Rubbings Courtesy of VVA Chapter 172, Cumberland, MD:VietnamWall.org


Kit Mark

Jack Sizemore, Sr.

John M. White

Gary Puckett & the Union Gap